Today is day 100 of our pregnancy.  I suppose it holds no particular significance, except that it seems like a fun milestone!

Fun facts about our baby:
Now has a set of fingerprints
Is practicing breathing
Can make facial expressions (grimaces, squints, frowns, and hopefully…smiles!)
Is practicing movements, including making a fist, moving thumbs, and grasping
Can turn its head, open its mouth, and press its lips together

Not bad for someone who is only 4 inches tall!

We are approximately 36% through the pregnancy so we’re moving right along!  We have an appointment today, after which I will “facebook announce” the pregnancy.  THAT makes it official, right?  🙂

Although we have not been diligent about keeping it quiet in the first place, I am still excited to reveal our news to the friends who are still not in the know.

I’ve been feeling somewhat better.  I’ve been less nauseous and have had fewer headaches, although I seem to be just as tired.  I also recently discovered that pregnancy is hard on my eyes!  My eye doctor recommended wearing glasses for the remainder of the pregnancy and perhaps for a month or two afterward as well.

So in addition to bad skin, stringy hair, and no tan, I’m wearing glasses again…did I mention I also have a 10 year high school reunion coming up this weekend?  I need to find an outfit that says: “pregnant” as opposed to “M has really let herself go”.  HA!

Crystal gets to find out a gender tomorrow (lucky!), so I’ll make my final prediction.  I’ve been leaning towards boy lately for her, but that seems to be the popular route.  I’ll go out on a limb and say GIRLS for both of us!