We had a successful appointment yesterday!  The usual exam, heartbeat, bloodwork, Q&A, and we discussed a timeline for the upcoming appointments.  Everything seems to be going well with the baby.  The heartbeat yesterday was at 140.  The doctor continues to remind me that has nothing to do with gender.  🙂

Our next appointment is scheduled for Sept 16th, and we’ll have a follow up with the ultrasound two weeks after that…so we’ll get to know the gender by around the end of September!!!  Can you tell I’m anxious for that?

Speaking of – we wish good luck to Crystal and Jared today as they find out whether Jordan will be getting a little brother or a little sister.  We’re excited to hear that news as well!

In non-baby news, yesterday was also a big day for J at flight school.  He had his first “check ride” and passed!  He then made his first solo ride!  I watched and snapped a few photos as he executed three take offs and landings.  Afterward he got “shirt-tailed” and we had a celebratory dinner.  Between the baby and his flight, he was a pretty happy fella last night.  🙂

I also really enjoyed the facebook love we got after our announcement.  It’s comforting to feel love and support from so many.  We continue to feel very blessed.