I hear voices. And they are telling me to eat Cheetos! Lots and Lots of Cheetos! I suppose I can stop worrying about the mysterious two pounds I had lost. Guaranteed I’ve gained them back and plus some between yesterday and today…

:: munches on Cheetos::

We have an appointment this afternoon. I’m hoping to post good news soon! No, we do not expect to have an ultrasound today. Boooo! But I’m excited to get to hear the heartbeat again! He or she has been fairly quiet – so for now, hearing the heartbeat is the closest I can get to communicating with baby.

J was traveling earlier in the week, and because of his limited in-office schedule, he ended up with meetings this afternoon that will prevent him from being able to come to the appointment today. Boooo again! But I’m glad he returned safely, and we’ll get to spend time together this weekend.

Think of us around 4:00 today!