That’s a quote from my doctor. I’m likely just a name on a page to him, but I like to pretend he not only knows me, he is caught off guard by how quickly this pregnancy is passing by. I like to think he is just as excited and enthusiastic about meeting Baby boy/girl as I am! But then again – I sometimes have the mindset that I’m the first pregnant gal to have ever walked the Earth! And that the entire Universe is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little miracle! 😉

Yesterday’s appointment went well! He was running way behind, so we were an hour and a half late getting in. Everyone else in the waiting room was grumbling about this – but I was excited! That meant J had time to make it over after his meeting after all!

My blood work all came back good, and my heart rate and blood pressure were right on track.  The baby’s heart rate was 144. It’s still special to get to hear it. I could listen to it for hours I believe…

:: ponders staying home and just laying around with a doppler for the next 22 weeks ::

We had a Q&A and then it was over! The fun part – we set up our appointment for the ultrasound. On September 30th at 3:30 we’ll be in the waiting room excitedly debating blue or pink. Once we know the answer to that question, we plan to head straight to Baby Depot! We hope to make a fun purchase of some sort, and pick out a special outfit for the baby.

It seems the majority of you believe we’re having a baby girl! I no longer have any gut feeling whatsoever. I originally thought girl, but I think that’s because we’ve spent so much more time trying to name her and figure out her nursery. I’ve known for nearly two years what our first boy would be named, and his nursery would be some form of trains, planes, or automobiles. So having a girl on the brain more skewed my opinion. Now that we’re “settled” for both, I’m clueless.

Please continue prayers for me and the baby. We’ve been blessed so far with a healthy pregnancy and overall with a fairly pleasant experience. I’m praying that continues!