Mentally, I moved on to fall quite a while ago. But now it’s officially fall! I LOVE this season. I get excited about each of the seasons when they arrive, for different reasons. But this one is my favorite! I love the weather. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt and be ready for nearly every occasion! Fleece jackets and hoodies reemerge as the evening wear of choice as you enjoy football games, hot dog roasts, and crisp cool evenings outdoors.

The food is delicious. Chili and other soups for cool evenings…Pumpkin spice latte for cool mornings (I miss these!)…Fresh apple pie for every occasion!

The return of TV! We’re excited to get back to watching Glee, House, Fringe, Hell’s Kitchen, and lots of the 30 minute shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, etc). I admit it, we’re tv junkies, and having two boxes with dual DVR capability has only enabled our addiction.

And of course – the return of football! We haven’t been able to watch the Cats on tv yet. We probably won’t get many, if any of their games. But we are NFL junkies on Sundays. And our fantasy teams keep us interested all season long.

This particular fall will of course be even more exciting as we learn more about and plan for our growing baby. We can now SEE my lower belly “move” and poke out from time to time. And I can’t think of a better way to spend our fall than getting the nursery ready!

So – HAPPY FALL!! I hope you enjoy this one as much as Our Family plans to!