J felt the baby move last night!

After having very little discernible movement for the longest time – I now feel movement quite often! AND it’s strong enough to be felt and even seen from the outside.

I was so excited to show J the baby moving last night, but became disappointed after feeling nothing all evening. We finally gave up, turned the lights out and turned in for the night…then…movement!

I put J’s hand in the right place, and right on queue – KICK!

Since sleeping comfortably takes work, I now have pillows behind me, between my knees, and I have quite a spastic ritual of getting them all fluffed and punched in to shape before I settle down. Some nights J and I both laugh uncontrollably at my “nesting” fits. So last night, upon feeling a few kicks right before bedtime, J said he couldn’t help but picture the baby punching and fluffing his “bed” before settling in for a good night’s rest.