*Note – I will put out the 20 week quiz after our appointment on Thursday when I have a more meaningful update, and some ultrasound pics!

Wives Tales are probably pretty useless. My own doctor, before I said a word about the rate, clarified that heartbeat is not a predictor of gender. I asked if he believed any of them, and he said they are 50% accurate, “at best”.

BUT – what fun is that? I thought I would show you where my wives tales stand in terms of gender prediction BEFORE we get the final verdict at our ultrasound this Thursday.

There are others I have been “tracking”, but they are neutral, or mixed, or I have no idea. (How do I pick up a key? What color is my pee?) Anyway, here are the ones for which I think I have a “result”:

Clumsy Momma
Nips are darker (Yes, I said it)
Minimal Morning Sickness
History of parents’ kids (both had boys first)
Estimated conception happened “later” as compared to ovulation
Carrying weight out front
Belly is more of a basketball than a watermelon
Craving more Salty
Pillow faces North when I sleep
Baby kicks right
No/Little weight gain in the face
Dreamed of having a girl

Age at conception plus month is an odd number
Grandma’s hair color is not gray (natural or dyed)
Chinese calendar
Fetal Heart rate above 140 (166, 144, and 144 at visits so far)
Crave fruit over meat (although I prefer Cheetos over either!)
Baby kicks Low

For those counting – that brings the tally to boy = 13, girl = 6. That’s a pretty drastic difference from the quiz results! I will also add that the people who spend time with me, (J and my coworkers) are guessing boy. So my guess?

I refuse to make one!

Either way, J and I are super excited to welcome a little HE or a little SHE in to our lives. We’re just hoping for a productive ultrasound that shows us healthy organs, bone structure, size, and whatever else our little wiggle worm will let the doctor see. Oh…and a very distinct look at some reproductive parts…so no shy baby!

Thursday at 3:30 – here we come!!!