(Ultrasound pics and more Dr visit info here.)

How far along? 20 weeks, 4 days.

How big is baby? About 10.5 inches from head to heel.  According to the ultrasound measurements baby now weighs a full pound!

Weight gain? 10.8 pounds!!!  (According to the doctor’s scales yesterday).  I had guessed closer to 13…but I’m not a medical professional.  🙂  Anyway, 9-11 are recommended by this stage, so I’m either on track, or barely above.  Either way, I’m happy!

Stretch Marks? Too soon! But I feel pulling more now.

Maternity clothes? At work this week someone said “M is all dressed up!” I replied “M outgrew her pants!”. I officially had to retire the bella band and move on to maternity clothes for work. My best fitting article of clothing is a black skirt from a friend from home. I will be wearing it often until I grow in to some of the later term maternity dress pants.  I’m also loving dresses.

Sleep? Still trying to master the art of staying on my side during the night.  I’m doing better!

Cravings? Still loving pizza, (I try to limit my intake for those of you gasping). I’ve also drank my weight in cran-apple juice for the UTI I’ve had. But it has seemed particularly delicious this time!

Nursery update? I’m ready!  We’ll have family visitors the next two weekends, so we might put them to work!  I’m buying a blanket in the plane bedding online today so we can make sure we’re happy with the pattern/colors.

Movement? YYEEESSSS! Frequent now. And getting stronger all the time! J has even gotten to feel the baby several times!

High point?  Seeing a healthy thriving baby boy on the ultrasound.

Low point? UTI!

Other: Belly Button is still an innie. But it’s becoming wide and more shallow. Looks a bit odd if you asked me, but I imagine I should reserve my belly button critical comments for when it starts popping out!

Also, I brought in some celebratory snacks this morning…(no wonder baby has a big belly?)