If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard the news.  “It” is “He”!  Baby is none other than Baby “K”!

He is healthy!  J and I are so grateful for a successful, encouraging appointment yesterday.  We held hands and watched in awe as our doctor went one by one through the various checkpoints, organs, heart quadrants, brain segments, and even a few arteries/vessels/chords.  God is good, and our baby is a healthy one.

He is also BIG!  Every time we saw a body part the doctor would say “big head”, “long fingers”, “thick thighs”, etc.  You would think he would realize the baby was big all over and get bored of pointing it out, but nope.  In his second to last view, we looked at the belly, and he said “BIG Belly!”.  Overall the baby measured 1.5 weeks ahead in head/femur measurements, and 2 weeks ahead in the belly!  Baby is eating well!

He is a HE.  Then the final view came.  He asked if we were ready, and we of course said YES.  Doc then went to “the view” and asked what that looked like…and I said…”That’s a BOY!”.   We all agreed there is no doubt, so we can paint, purchase, embroider, etc with confidence.  🙂

And finally, “he” is…”K”!!!  We’re so excited to be able to add a name, and start working on some fun details, like paint, bedding, etc.

We made a stop on the way home last night to buy a couple of warm outfits for his first few weeks, and potentially an outfit to go home in.  Yay!