What was that?  That was the squealing sound I made last night when I came home and found a large cardboard box on our front steps…my baby’s bedding had arrived!   If you had been within a half mile radius you would have known that already.   We loved it online, and thankfully we LOVE LOVE LOVE it in person!

I’m a little behind on blogging, so I also need to add that we had visitors this past weekend as Grandma and Grandad came out for a few days.  It was great spending time with them, and hearing Grandad and Jexchange pilot stories.  Of course…we also did a little (ok a lot of) shopping, so thanks to their recent purchases, including but not limited to a mattress and car seat, we can now bring K home, and put him to bed!  Not a bad start if I do say so myself!

Other projects:
J and I have been busy assembling and painting planes to hang from the ceiling.  I am attempting to teach myself to crochet a blanket (gulp), and we’re starting to think about where we want to stick things on the walls.

Photos below show the bedding, a curtain stretched over the chair, and the makings of a momma made baby blanket.  (What’s that?  It looks like a big string for now?  You are correct.)  There’s a close up of his comforter, and a look at his name for the wall.  I’ve also included one shot of a plane.  Lots of fun going on these days!

K is also now incredibly active.  He rolls, kicks, and flat out dances on a regular basis.  J has gotten to feel all of the above multiple times, and I enjoy evenings when we can sit together to feel and giggle about our kickboxer.  (Ok, I giggle, J mostly just smiles.)

We’re also looking forward to an upcoming trip to Lexington to catch up with old friends and teammates, and attend a football game, (GO CATS).  K will get a shout out…more on that next week!