No, I’m not practicing for Valentine’s day.  K and I have officially reached Viability day.  That means that K now has a decent chance at survival should he decide to pull a fast one and arrive early.  (Don’t get any ideas…)  Obviously we want him to continue to develop and grow as he should, but it’s nice to know the organs, processes and “stuff” that make him a functioning little bitty body are in place, and sort of ready for the world!

I am starting the 25th week.  I would post the quiz and an updated belly shot, but I’ve decided to wait until our Doctor’s appointment on Friday in case I get any fun new info.  So look for more details and a belly photo coming your way soon!

In other news, I started a small group with church last night.  It’s for Max Lucado’s book “Outlive Your Life”.  I think it’s going to be interesting, and will be a good way to meet some more people from the church whose paths we don’t normally cross.  J couldn’t attend last night as he is currently in Colorado, but when his work allows, this is something we’re looking forward to doing together.

I’m also looking forward to an upcoming baby shower in OH.  Brittney is hosting a combined shower for Crystal and I with some mutual friends, and each of us invited a couple of coworkers as well.  (Former coworkers in my case).  I’m taking my “blanket” to show Laurie so she can confirm if I should keep going or start over…or wave the white flag.  Currently I only have about 6 rows to show her…and it’s looking like I’m not going to make much progress on that this week.  I still have to finish favor bags, get groceries, and make a few snacks.

K may be five before this thing is finished.  I wonder how many failed attempts it will take before I remember I’m not crafty?