K got lots of cool little boy clothes and fun toys and needed items at his first shower!  We had a blast over the weekend visiting with friends and family, and celebrating the coming arrivals of my K AND cousin K!  (By the way, I already confuse their names.)

We got some helpful basics and items from our registry, including a bumbo, activity jumper, baby carrier, car seat cover and travel/camping items.

We received some gorgeous homemade items,  (thankfully Crystal’s family is far craftier than I am.)  Seriously – aren’t these awesome?

We also received some adorable clothes!  Including softee jeans (LOVE!), PJ’s with planes on them, and some warm clothes for winter.  I LOVE footed PJ’s, and clearly was beyond excited when I saw the rear of this little monkey set.

I also love sweater vests!

And I look forward to seeing a little tough guy sporting this muscle tank…

K is a lucky little boy already!  And we have two more showers to go!  He will be spoiled before he even arrives!

Here are some shots of the crew from the weekend…