How far along?  25 weeks and one day!

How big is baby? About 14 inches, and roughly two pounds!

Weight gain? .:Drum Roll….:.  14.8!  That’s right!  I avoided seeing 160 at the Doctor’s office by .2 for one more appointment!  .:Crowd Cheers!:.  However, thanks to some yummy treats at the baby shower…I saw it when I returned home this weekend.  .:Crowd Groans:.

Stretch Marks? Not yet!  But I’ve started that itchiness…argh.

Maternity clothes? Exclusively maternity pants.  I can still wear some of my usual shirts, but quite frankly, I enjoy wearing clothes that say “I’m pregnant!”.  Even if they also say “I’m sloppy and eat a lot!”.  I was also in need of new boots for winter, and instead of buying them, decided to buy something comfortable, and less expensive in case my feet grow (.:gasp:. …can you imagine…).  The end result was a pair of super comfy black Clarks from an outlet we passed last weekend.  Cool points – no.  Comfort points – yes!  I’m not swelling yet, but I imagine I’ll eventually be grateful for my ugly comfortable shoes!

Oh – I am sleeping in the same old stuff I’ve always slept in, but my mid section often peeks/hangs out.  It’s not a sexy look.

Sleep? I’m now a three pillow kind of gal.  It seems to be working.  Even if I’m crowding J a bit.  🙂

Cravings? Nothing in particular, but I can remember craving popcorn recently.  Although I did that before…

Nursery update? Lots of updates since the last quiz!  New ceiling fan, ottoman, crib, mattress, bedding, name for wall, storage unit, new furniture arrangement.  So much!  We’re still only two planes in to the six plane set we’re making to hang from the ceiling.  But we’re saving that activity for days when we can’t get out, watch football, nap or otherwise completely procrastinate.

Movement? K is a mover and a shaker!  He’s kicking me now!  The funniest is when he seems to push hard against the right part of my stomach.  This happens in particular when I’m first laying down at night and am somewhat on my back watching tv.  It looks a little like an alien might break out of there.  If he does that now – I can’t imagine the havoc he will be wreaking when he gets big!

High point? A baby shower with Crystal this weekend.  Brittney, Vicki, Rachel, Cheryl and Laurie, as well as Crystal’s mom and a couple of coworkers helped us both celebrate!  It was a fun crew!  And we will never look at Raisinettes the same!

Low point? I can’t recall one off hand.  I will say that I feel pregnant today.  For the first time since the first few weeks, I’m doing that “I need to pee” every 15 minutes dance. Not fun.  Maybe it’s just where K is positioned.  Of course, after scurrying to the bathroom, I realize it is in vain and I imagined it.  I hope that’s temporary!  I’m also out of breath today.  It could be from a newly bigger belly, or it could be from running up and down the stairs for the unnecessary bathroom breaks!

Other: J and I just booked anniversary plans.  That may seem irrelevant, but since it’s our last pre-kid anniversary, we’ve decided to make an effort to do something special.  I’m excited!

And for your viewing pleasure…a 25 week belly pic!