It seems sometimes I forget I’m pregnant. Ok, I don’t really FORGET, but every now and then it doesn’t seem real.  It’s as if I’m watching A Baby Story and someone else is the main character.  I’m just an observer smiling and crying and rooting her on.

At the last doctor appointment (week 25) the Doc was feeling the abdominal area, and in particular noting the growth of the uterus.  He once again commented on it being a big baby (really, must we always bring that up?) and said something along the lines of:

“You will run out of room to grow up soon, and your belly will start growing out more.  Probably November.”

I smiled at how November would bring a fun large belly to this happy pregnant gal I was observing.  She must be so excited!

I still smile at that thought, then I remember…she is ME!  And November is NOW!  Not only is this real, it’s moving quickly!  K will be here in no time!

Don’t get me wrong…that is good news!  I can’t wait to meet him, and I’m glad this is going by quickly rather than painfully dragging on.

But sometimes I can’t believe how much time has passed already!
When will I get the nursery organized?
When will I crochet the stupid blanket? (What was I thinking?!)
Why do we only have two planes painted?
How will I get all of the Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/meet my new niece travel in?
We need to tour the hospitals!
We need to take the birthing class!
I need to take a breastfeeding class!
J and I need to do something fun for this anniversary!
I should start scrapbooking!
I should take more pictures!
I need a new camera so I can take more pictures so I can scrapbook!

I need to slap that “A Baby Story” girl and get her moving in to a higher gear!!!

AND…I need to tell her to relax because it will all fall in to place.  I’ve seen this episode before and I know she can get things done when she needs to.  So I’ll add “take a deep breath” and “enjoy this part too” to her list of to do’s.  But seriously, she needs to get moving…