We have less than 100 days remaining of waiting for K to arrive!  (What if he’s late you say?  Hush your mouth!)

I’m officially 26 weeks along, and by some standards, start the third trimester tomorrow as we start week 27.

The milestones this week are fun ones.  By the end of the week (or possibly by now) K’s lungs will be capable of breathing air!  He will also have hit the minimum goal weight of just over 2 pounds.  Getting closer and closer to being ready for this big world!

His kicks are also getting stronger and more consistent, and I am going to begin kick counting.

And my favorite (from cradle.com):
“By this time, your baby’s brain wave patterns are similar to those of a full-term baby at birth. Activity is beginning in the portions of the brain that process visual and auditory information.”  
But I have to wonder…what the heck is he thinking about???

In other news, we got a lot done this weekend!  We cleaned out the landscaping; pulling, trimming, and sprucing up all around the house.  We had hoped to pressure wash but some thing was broken and J will have to make a trip to Lowe’s for a tiny part that spoiled those plans.  We also hung curtains in the nursery (yay!), assembled airplane #3, got in a cross country flight…(ok, all three of those were J…).  But I wasn’t completely useless.  I took care of some errands, checked one more person off of the Christmas shopping list, and made some ground on knitting a baby hat.  (How’s the blanket coming along you ask?  Again I say hush your mouth!)  Let’s just say I wish it looked this good…



Next on the to do list is tackling the garage.  We need to move the bed that was previously in the nursery out, along with some closet storage left by the previous home owners, and some boxes that I swear must not be ours because I no longer recognize them.  We MUST make this a priority because it’s the only way I have a shot at parking in there this winter!  And more importantly – I CAN’T GET TO THE CHRISTMAS STUFF!  Too soon you say?  Pshaw!  I would have put one of our three trees up this weekend if not for the blockage in the garage.  But more on my obsessive Christmas decorating later.  If you’re judging me for skipping Thanksgiving, you should know that I put my fall dishes out in August.  So…take that!

Nonetheless – we keep moving forward, and one by one, we’re reducing our to do list.  This is good because last I checked the world was not on pause while we slowly get ready!