The title just contains some encouraging words from a cashier I encountered yesterday when she saw my belly.  She then went on to discuss how much she hated being pregnant all three times.  Of course, it just so happens, she doesn’t seem to enjoy being a mom either.  At least if she does, she kept those details to herself.

I’ve decided some people are just miserable.  But that’s not the point of this post.

The point is – I think I WILL miss this.  I won’t miss being nauseous all day during the early weeks.  I won’t miss never feeling like I look put together.  I won’t miss having to wear glasses because contacts suddenly irritated my eyes.  I’m sure I won’t miss being 8.5 months pregnant and thinking if I get any bigger I’ll pop.  But I will miss this.  I’ll miss the sweet punches and kicks and rolls I get from K throughout the day.  I’ll miss knowing that he’s protected for now, and that only I can take care of him.  I’ll miss the anticipation that J and I feel.  I’ll miss the excitement of preparing.  I’ll miss the moments when J gets to feel K move.  I’ll miss J’s morning hugs when one is for me and one is for K.

I know that having him here will be infinitely more special.  And the moments I treasure now will be replaced with other special ones, like seeing K smile, hearing his laugh, and watching him learn and grow.

But, dear angry cashier lady, despite your inability to look back on pregnancy fondly – I’m happy to say, I will in fact miss these days!