Have you ever had a case of the Mondays…but on Thursday?  I did yesterday.

I’m not even sure why.

I can recall being frustrated at work about having to do and redo some things, and in fact I’m nearly a week behind on something because of some unexpected issues that have arisen.

I recall eating a late rushed lunch at my desk while working.

I recall having horrible traffic on the way home.

I recall having my quiet ride home where I usually talk to K (crazy alert, I know) and pray turn in to some weird moment where I started imagining worst case scenarios and in fact brought my self to tears.  Ok, not tears, more like sobs.  (No really, I can do that with my imagination…)

I had a simple project for an upcoming event that I wanted to take care of, but even that went wrong and resulted in a trip to Staples when I should have been doing one of the three loads of laundry that we needed done before today for upcoming travel reasons.

So when J called me I answered gruffly and told him I was in a bad mood.  Now mind you, by then I couldn’t completely remember why, I just knew I was feeling a bit cranky and raw, and he should be warned.

I then pouted a bit all evening, and when I realized I wasn’t feeling mopey enough, upped the mope factor.

But why?  It’s as if I thought I was due for a bad mood, so I performed it to the fullest so I could check it off of my to do list.  I would love to blame pregnancy hormones, but if I’m honest, I’ll admit to you that I’ve always been an emotional gal.  And this was no pregnancy related funk.

I’m back to reality this morning.  And in retrospect, yesterday wasn’t actually that bad of a day.  I get paid to do my job, who really cares if the day is filled with some rework.  That quick lunch was yummy.  I don’t think the commute home was any worse than usual.  I got all three loads of laundry done.  The Staples task really didn’t go well, but I think it can be remedied before the deadline.   As for my self inflicted pity party on the ride home – it was in fact self inflicted, but perhaps a good cry is healing every now and then.  Aside from that I had a somewhat relaxing evening, got lots of points in my fantasy league from the Thursday night game, got to bed on time and slept well.  And I enjoyed all of that evening from my warm comfy home with a loving husband.  Does that sound so bad?

Not really!

I’ve decided we’re entitled to a funk every now and then.  Even if it’s completely unjustified.  Just try not to take it out on others, and if you do, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them tolerating you during your Monday Thursdays.