Dear K,

It’s me, your mama.  I wanted to congratulate you on reaching a big milestone!  As of today (or last Tuesday depending on who you ask, but whatever), we have officially reached the third trimester.  Great teamwork!

For me, it’s been a pleasure!  Carrying you has not been a burden, or an inconvenience.  It has been a joy!  Knowing how well you’ve been doing so far has been such a relief to your daddy and me.  We both love the moments when we feel your sweet kicks and rolls.  And I will never get tired of hearing your heartbeat at the doctor’s office.

We have been busy getting ready for you.  You should see your daddy putting together the planes that we plan to hang from your ceiling.  He is so careful and slow, wanting every piece to fit together perfectly.  That’s nearly impossible since we only paid $2 per plane – but that doesn’t stop him from trying!  We’ve also made progress on your nursery, and I can’t wait for you to see it!  I hope you’ll find it a cozy and fun place to call home.

We spent the last weekend with my family, and as we played with your cousins, I couldn’t help but think of how exciting it will be when you’re with us too!  You have a lot of family across the miles (on both sides) who are looking forward to meeting you!

This week we are decorating for Christmas.  It will be our last one without kids!  That’s hard to believe.  Even though you won’t be here physically yet, you’re with us in spirit.  We’ve ordered a special Christmas ornament to always remind us that in 2010, you were on the way!

More to come soon.

Love – Mama