How far along? 28 weeks!

How big is baby? Hard to say.  The estimates start varying now from site to site.  But my doctor estimated 3 pounds.

Weight gain? 18.6 at Friday’s appointment.  Very happy with that!  But we’ll see how I fare with the holidays…

Stretch Marks? Not yet!!!

Maternity clothes? While looking for clothes for our photo session, I discovered a few items from Auburn I had previously missed.  New favorites include a short sleeved red sweater, and a black and gray casual shirt.

Sleep? I’m hanging in there.  I don’t wake up to go to the bathroom, so I’ll count that as a success story.  I was officially woken up by K for the first time I believe.  Sunday morning I was dreaming about drums (no, really) and woke up to feel strong kicks on each side of my belly.  Who knows what he was doing in there!

Cravings? Not pregnancy related, but thanks to Dad’s pumpkin cheesecake I have a new favorite dessert.

Nursery update? No updates since the 25 week quiz really.  We hung curtains. Otherwise I’m waiting until our two upcoming showers are over to start laundering, organizing and putting away.

Movement? This little guy is crazy!  I think he’s a drummer.  And he still likes to get in to a weird position and stick what I think is his rear end out really far.  It’s always on my right side.  I’ll get a photo one of these times.

High point? Two!  1) We took some maternity photos this past weekend, that I’m anxious to share with you once they are available.  2) Decorating for Christmas!

Low point? Soreness.  I may have overdone it a bit between the Christmas decorating, the driving, and the photo session.  I finally had some pain and soreness Saturday evening.  But a long night’s rest seemed to help a lot.  I also think it was related to a growth spurt I can tell happened the last couple of weeks.

What am I looking forward to? Gaining 10 pounds this holiday season and doing so guilt free! 😉

Here’s a 28 week belly photo…with our main tree as a backdrop!  (Quite a growth spurt this time I think!)