It is Thanksgiving after all, so I thought I should post some things for which I am thankful.   So pull up a chair, let’s sit around an imaginary table at Grandma’s house, and rattle off some things that have blessed us this year…I’ll go first…

I am thankful for a good job.  When we moved, there was some uncertainty as to where I would land.  There were times when I thought I might “settle” for A job rather than a GOOD job.  If I had needed to do that I certainly would have.  Fortunately a great opportunity opened up and not only did I not settle, but instead I have a higher salary than I left at OH, better retirement benefits, and double the vacation time.  And it’s a new challenge in a industry I had been interested in exploring.

Speaking of – I am thankful for a kind boss who values family.  I could not have asked for a more supportive or understanding manager as we go through this pregnancy.

I am thankful for a house that became home so quickly.  Sure, we ran out of closet space, could really use a basement, hate ladybugs, and really miss having gas heat (and a gas stove!).  But our house has felt like “home” from fairly early on.  And it feels like the right place to bring K home.

I am thankful for a church and church family that has felt right.  In some ways I felt like we never stopped looking when we were in OH.  Our church here found us fairly quickly.  We miss a lot because we travel too much, but we have still been able to get involved with a small group, and meet some other young couples.  And I’m sad when we miss.  Not because I feel guilty, but because I really feel like we missed out on something special.  That’s a nice feeling.

I am thankful for a husband who loves, supports, and provides for me.  He also makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me love more than I knew I could.  And I can’t wait to see him become a daddy.

I am obviously thankful for our pregnancy, and the pending arrival of K.  But I’m also thankful for God’s timing.  Sometimes I don’t get what I want as soon as I want it, and I’ve learned to be thankful for that as well.  We are in a better place now than we would have been had we gotten pregnant immediately.   And we were able to enjoy some couple time, and trips to Vegas, Chicago, and New Orleans that I’m not sure we would have taken had there been a baby on the way.  And in the meantime, we’ve done some saving for “future house”.

I could keep going, with health, family, friends, etc.  But I’m sure each of you are thankful for those same things, and I’m already getting long winded.  Here are some less cliche things I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful for:
*Quiet nights by the fire pit with J.
*A neighborhood where we can take walks, see a fox and deer, but still get to the interstate in 3 minutes.
*Winter evenings by the fireplace snuggled on the couch.
*Memories of when we both actually fit on the couch…
*DVR.  (well, I am…)
*The generosity and selflessness of others, including baby gifts, maternity clothes, help with our move, help with painting, supportive words, prayers, and willing hands and ears any time we’ve needed them.  I can’t name all of you, but you inspire me to be a better person who is more aware of others as well.
*Moments that makes me cry happy tears.
*A full belly.  A warm bed.  And a happy life.

Ok, your turn.   Pass me the rolls first.