Just wanted to put in a plug for a program I love.

I like selecting an angel tree child each year.  I say each year loosely, because we didn’t do it last year.  But I’ve tried to most years since early college.  However, finding the store with the names, and remembering to choose one seems to be presenting a challenge to me.

Luckily, I found out JCPenney and the Salvation Army have teamed up to provide a website.  If you’re interested in sponsoring an angel tree child this year, but like me, can’t seem to get it together enough to get the name and get started, check out http://angel.jcpenney.com/.

You can search by your zip code, and preferred age range and gender.  It will then give you a list of children to choose from, including their sizes and special requests.  The drop off deadline locally is December 14th, so if you’re interested act fast!

We will be shopping for a 1 year old whose special requests were a stuffed bear and books.  Does he sound sweet or what?