I wanted to share some pics of Christmas at our place!  I’m missing a few things from weird pack jobs that happened with the move – but I’ve decided I’m done regardless!  I’ve made a lot of progress on wrapping since these pics were taken.  And we’re almost done shopping too!

This is our main tree.  It contains ornaments we used from our wedding (to decorate the Christmas tree at the church) as well as random yearly ornaments.  (Just married, first year together, baby on the way, etc)

And here is this year’s special ornament!
This is our snow day tree.  Complete with snow men, mittens, boots, and snowflakes!
And this is our new tree!  It’s in the kitchen and is…cooking themed!  It has pillsbury dough men, doughnuts, cookies, miniature kitchen utensils, and peppermints.  Love this one!
My favorite nativity!  And one of the first Christmas decorations I bought myself.
And here’s our dinner table!  Centerpiece was a wedding gift from MIL.  Dishes were bought on our honeymoon, and the more decorative glass plates are Pampered Chef.  (Can’t find my table cloth…perhaps its with the camping gear?)
So that’s Christmas, at our place!