How far along? 30 weeks! (And one day)

How big is baby?  Umm…3.5 pounds and 15-16 inches.  Can you tell I’m making that up?

Weight gain? 22.6  Not bad overall, but if you’re paying attention you’ll note that’s a jump from last time.  I blame Nan’s dressing patties and Dee Dee’s cupcakes.  Clearly I am but a mere victim.

Stretch Marks? Not yet!!! (Whoop Whoop!)

Maternity clothes? Yep.  Also bought a new robe for the hospital.  May have to look in to an inexpensive winter coat if I plan to keep my belly warm…

Sleep?  Blah – Getting worse.  I generally roll on to my back and wake myself up at least 5-6 times per night.  I’m still somehow avoiding night time bathroom trips.  But I generally don’t start my day feeling rested.

Cravings? Another pumpkin cheesecake was sent back with me from KY.  Expect another big weight gain next update.  🙂

Nursery update? Lots!  We’re making headway on laundering and putting away his 0-3 clothes, organizing the next sizes, and putting things in their places.  I found a lamp for the glider corner, and am in search of a bookshelf.  We’re also ready to hang things on the walls.  I’ll “reveal” a final update once all is finished.

Movement? Still a mover and a shaker!

High point? Showers in WV and KY!

Low point? ANOTHER UTI.  Booo!  The good news is it doesn’t appear to be a kidney infection, which we feared based on some recent back pain.

What am I looking forward to? An anniversary celebration with the hubs.  J completing his pilot license requirements.  Getting the nursery finalized.

What do I miss?  Wearing contacts on a regular basis.  Diet Dr. Pepper.