Happy Monday!  I had a productive weekend, including getting all of the remaining thank you cards in the mail!  While this may not sound like a monumental accomplishment…I write like a seven year old.  I’m s..l…o….w.  I grip the pen as if it might fly away from me at any moment.  And I intermingle cursive and print as if I just can’t commit…even for one word.  Let’s face it, I’m a keyboard kind of gal.  If I were being graded on penmanship…I suspect I would NOT get a “satisfactory” grade.

So…it takes me some time.  If you receive yours and find it to be less than legible…you should assume it was the last one I wrote and that everyone else’s is perfectly penned!  (wink).  Nonetheless, it was fun thinking back on who has thought of K, J, and I and provided such thoughtful gifts to help us start this new life!  We have been so fortunate!  I’ve been overwhelmed by the gifts, but also by the words of encouragement and commitments of prayer.  We appreciate each of you.

Because I’m slow at that process, there are a few things I wasn’t allowing myself to do until I knocked that “to do” out.  Including starting on Christmas cards, blogging about the KY shower, and wrapping any more gifts.  So…Christmas cards are now in the works, I hope to post a blog entry about our Kentucky shower soon, and I have a date under the tree this evening!

In the meantime thanks for your patience! (What?  Your life hasn’t been on hold awaiting further communication from me?  Interesting…and disappointing…)

Because you’ve listened so intently to my rambles, I’ll include another teaser from the maternity pic set.  I’ll eventually do a blog showing all of my favorites, but they are still being sent to me, and I want Christmas cards to be delivered first…so for now…here you go!