*Sorry about the photo quality.  These were printed and given to me in a book.  Then scanned in. Then facebooked.  Then robbed from facebook….etc.*

Three years ago today I married this handsome fella:

Wearing this dress:

Among these friends:

Shared these moments:

Held these flowers:

Ate this cake:

Had this toast:

And fled the scene among these petals:

I know we’re supposed to feel this way, but it was truly the most perfect day.  I had an amazing family helping get every detail to my liking, (and let’s face it – I’m a tough gal to coordinate with).  My bridesmaids were seriously flawless, and there for me every second of the weekend.  I was lucky enough to feel like I think every bride should get to feel on their wedding day.   And I happen to think the groom was quite a catch too.

It may be a bit old or cliche now, but to me the words are perfect, and when it’s sung by my uber talented cousin and his wife…there’s not a more beautiful wedding song…

When I said I do, I meant that I will ’til the end of all time

Be faithful and true, devoted to you

That’s what I had in mind when I said I do

Truer than true, you know that I’ll always be there for you

That’s what I had in mind, that’s what I had in mind,

When I said I do

I love you, J!