I toured the local day care facility today that has been my top choice.  I visited back in September, but this time I got an in depth tour of both the infant facility, and the larger preschool facility.  I LOVE it!

They have a dedicated infant sight, assuming their infant headcount merits using it, that will be about half a mile from my office!!  Today I met some adorable kiddos, as well as the care givers.  It seemed like a loving, fun, interactive environment where K can learn and grow while mama and daddy have to work.

The larger facility was also very nice, (and still only minutes away).  They keep 12 months to Pre K, and even K there.  Both facilities have an age appropriate curriculum and send home reports on a daily basis.  Everything just felt nice and homey!

The bad news…even though I started conversations in September, and even though I put down our deposit in December, and even though K won’t need care there for at least four more months…she’s unsure of the availability in the April/May time frame.  Because of required ratios, and of course because I’m not even sure yet when we’ll need to start him there, there’s a gray area in the April/May months where I’m not sure if we can get him in.  Summer will be no problem, as many of the seasonal kids will be gone, and there will be ample vacancy.  But availability prior to that end of school cutoff is somewhat more unreliable…so I need to consider some emergency options.

So…we’ve found the spot!  But I need to do some contingency planning on late spring, and pray that the timing works out for all involved!!