I’ve mentioned a time or two that I was looking forward to our anniversary celebration.  Well…here are some details.

First, on our anniversary night at home, we enjoyed some party snacks (my favorite) and watched New Moon! (Hubs bought New Moon and Eclipse for me!)

And then, J and I truly celebrated our 3 year anniversary by taking a weekend trip to Indy. We stayed downtown, and enjoyed being within walking distance of lots of shopping and good eats.

We ate at Bucca Di Beppo Friday night.  (YUM!)  .:Waistline grows just from thinking back on it.:.  We also enjoyed just walking around.  Downtown was beautifully decorated for Christmas and it seemed the holiday spirit was in the (crisp & cold) air!

I felt like a 9 year old when I admitted to him that I was excited we could stay up as late as we wanted and sleep in as long as we wanted.   However, I was out cold by 10:30.  And…I woke up all night but was up for good by 7:00 am.  Oh well!

Saturday we shopped a bit.  More specifically I bought some awesome boots!  We took in an afternoon movie (Harry Potter) complete with too much popcorn.   .:Rubs growing belly, realizes that’s not all baby in there…:.

After an accidental nap back at the room, we returned out to walk around the decorated and lively downtown including a stop for some hot chocolate from the Chocolate Store at the circle.  We then enjoyed a nice dinner at Weber Grill, including a complimentary appetizer and dessert.  .:Seriously, did I just pop a button?:. These horse drawn carriages were everywhere.  So cool!

Sunday was the big finale when we went to the Colts vs Jags game.  Lucas Oil Stadium is HUGE.  And a great place to watch a game.  We enjoyed watching the Colts secure a playoff spot.  I fell in love with an idea called a walking taco.  .:Quickly thanks God for stretchy maternity pants.:.  We were also surrounded by some super sweet fans, and got lots of well wishes as a result of my bulging belly.  .:All that eating was good for something?:.  K seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and was a busy guy much of the game, practicing his own field goal kicks.

All in all, we were happy to have the opportunity to celebrate our last childless anniversary in a way that was fun, romantic…and fit “us”!  We couldn’t help but have the “this time next year” discussion, and seemed content that for our fourth anniversary, we would likely be scrambling for a baby sitter so we could salvage a dinner out – or perhaps enjoying a night in with some pretty special little company.   And that sounds perfect too.  🙂