How far along? 32 weeks!

How big is baby? The doctor did some squeezing and guessing and came up with 4-4.5 pounds.

Weight gain? Ruh Roh.  I’m at 25 pounds gained now.  Not horrible, but I’ve gained more the last four weeks than I have gained in any prior 4 week period.  Not a good trend to set as we head in to Christmas!  I always gain weight during Christmas anyway!  Oh well, tis the season?

Stretch Marks? Still no…

Maternity clothes? I have a new maternity coat thanks to an early Christmas present!  K is especially grateful as my other coats were no longer buttoning, leaving my belly (and therefore his home) a little exposed.

Sleep? It’s overrated…right?  Sigh.

Cravings? Maybe popcorn.  But that’s always been a favorite.  And Root Beer Floats are now a nice occasional treat in this house!

Nursery update? Thanks to a gift card from cousin Sharon we finally bought a book case from Target!  Sounds like a strange update but until we decided on a book case, and therefore the arrangement in the corner, and therefore the arrangement of the “stuff” for the walls…we were on hold.  So when it arrives, we’re ready to do final arrangements and decorate the walls and be done!  But might not get to it until January…

Movement? Oh yeah!

High point? Anniversary celebration with Hubs.

Low point? Can’t think of one.  That’s a good thing though…right?

What am I looking forward to? Christmas!

What do I miss? Being able to see to zipper my coat?

And here’s me at 32 weeks!