We had a successful doctor appointment today!  He was pleased with my weight gain and lack of swelling.  My aches and pains all seem to be related to round ligament pain, and are just a normal sign of a growing uterus (and therefore baby!)  K’s heart rate, activity, and assumed size are all great!

Speaking of his size…the doctor made a wild guess and said he may be near 6 pounds.  Obviously that’s just a guess, but it seems safe to say that he’s good sized!  Based on the average weight gain on baby center, that puts us on track for 8.5 to 9 pounds.  Which also happens to be in line with what I weighed.

We talked about the upcoming appointments, and here’s the general rundown:

34 – Final blood work today
36 – Strep B test
37 – Start “invasive” appointments and continue on a weekly basis until K’s arrival
38 – Same ‘ol, plus a potential sonogram if his position or size merit one.
39 – Same ‘ol
40 – Same ‘ol
41 – Reach a whole new level of crankiness if K is still hiding….  😉

So I have one more two week break, then the activity really picks up from there!