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Well…our weekend did not go quite how I had envisioned.

Our “quick” Saturday task of getting an airplane from Point A to Point B turned in to quite an endeavor.  Rather than spending three hours in a car, I spent about six, mostly “pacing” back and forth trying to figure out where the heck I should be headed.  Saturday’s weather wasn’t cooperating, so we had to abandon the task at a mid point, and drive the rest of the way home.  Two days, two blankets, and two hairdryers later, we eventually had cooperative weather, and defeated the 2 degree temps to safely start the plane back up on Sunday morning so the boys could get it the rest of the way home.  Success!

Lessons learned:
Don’t buy planes in January.
Don’t say things like “this is going to be such a relaxing weekend”.

The good news…we still got most of our goals accomplished.  Friday night J and I relaxed at the house, played rock band, and got to bed early.  (Yes, that was actually a goal of mine.)

Saturday, amidst the random driving around I took advantage of passing by a Target to buy some nursing tanks that no one else seems to carry.

Saturday night, we enjoyed a nice dinner out with J’s coworkers.

After all of the thawing and chaos ended on Sunday, we enjoyed a quiet but productive afternoon.  K’s hospital bag is packed.  Mine is mostly packed.  And we hung most of the items on the nursery walls.  I need to get some pictures in the frames.  And we need to finish painting the model airplanes to hang from the ceiling.  Otherwise…his room is ready!

We have our last childbirth class tonight.  Unfortunately, Monday is also our small group night for church.  And tonight was going to be a baby shower theme!  Since we are unable to attend, they decided to postpone that…  🙂  But we should be available for small group again starting next week.   Uh oh, there I go planning again.  Now what…