Well, technically there are no bets, so that was a poor title.  BUT…I’d love to hear your guesses as to when K will arrive and how big he will be.

I weighed 8 and a half pounds, and arrived roughly four days past my due date at 3:30 in the afternoon.

My office has chimed in, and their collective guesses average out to:

February 16th
9:00 AM
8 lb 6 oz
21.36 inches long

My individual guess is as follows:
February 18th
4:00 AM
8 lb 12 oz
21.5 inches long

As for the date, I like that it’s a Friday, and that he’s definitely full term…and that helps us out with our family care/vacation plan for pre-day care.    And I chose the 4:00 AM hour because I always wake up during that hour.  And not necessarily for a potty break.  I’ve been doing that for several weeks now actually.  So I’m convinced that something will happen around 4:00 am.  Whether it’s labor starting, water breaking, baby arriving…something!

Let us know what your guesses are!  For those who can’t figure out how to post a comment, (which seems to be nearly everyone…) feel free to email me and I’ll post it on here for you.