How far along?  36 weeks and 3 days.

How big is baby? Over six pounds! (We think…who knows!)

Weight gain? 29 as of the last Doc weigh in.  If K arrives immediately, I can say I gained less than 30!  If he takes his time…I may gain 40!  It seems I’m starting to swell a tad.  I’ve even decided not to put my rings back on until we’re done.  Hopefully the swelling won’t get worse.

Stretch Marks? I think I have a couple of small ones now.  Boo!

Maternity clothes? Nothing new to report here. Except that I look frumpy in everything.  And my plan to make both normal and maternity clothes fit in the closet has officially turned it in to a disaster zone.

Sleep? Getting much worse in a hurry.  There were a couple of crampy nights last week where I got less than four hours of sleep, and most of that came on a couch.  I now use five pillows. (What?)  I’m up at least once or twice for potty breaks, and I CONTINUE to wake up during the 4:00 am hour every night!  (What is that about?)

Cravings? Fruit!  I even made a jello fruit salad, which I don’t normally have much interest in.  I bought Clementines and have been eating those at breakfast too. And I had a hankering for OJ, which of course gave me heartburn.  Also…Chinese!  Mac N Cheese!  Food in general…

Nursery update? Finishing touches are going on the airplanes now!  Everything else is done, and in fact I have the photos of the nursery uploaded and am just waiting on the right time to post.  I want ONE shot of the airplanes once we get them hung.  So I should have pics posted for you by this weekend.

Movement? Still a busy guy, but there are fewer kicks and more rolls and pushes.   I can identify a hand on my lower left side pretty often.  Or is it a foot by his face?

High point? Getting the nursery finished, and walls decorated.

Low point? A crampy, sleepless 48 hours last week.

What am I looking forward to? Visitors this weekend!  Finally getting these airplanes hung!

What do I miss? Seeing my own feet.  Being able to put on shoes and socks without grunting.  Sleeping through the night.  Wearing contacts.  Pants with buttons.  High Heels.  Having the option to tan.  Eating spicy foods.  Mt Dew.  Ruh Roh…sounds like I’m wearing down!!!

No belly pic this week since my photographer is unavailable.  Also, I never seem to think of it until I’m in full lounge mode.  But since I’ll be doing these updates weekly now, you won’t have to wait very long for a 37 week pic!