Dear K,

Your room is ready!  Your daddy and I are proud to present to you what we hope you will find to be a fun, loving, and welcoming environment.

In it, you will see little bits and pieces of lots of family, friends, and other loved ones.  The crib and bedding were picked out with lots of thought and love by your daddy and me.  The rocker and ottoman where we will spend lots of time napping and reading came from Nana and Papaw.  The mattress from Grandma and Grandad.  The mobile and airplane night light from Mima and Mipa.  The crib light from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Auburn.  The coat/hat rack was made by Pop.  Your closet and drawers are also stuffed with clothes, diapers, wipes, bath supplies, blankets, and other items from your Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, other relatives, and friends of your mama and daddy from school, work, and church.  In short, there have been a lot of people who helped us celebrate and prepare for your arrival.  You are truly blessed and loved, and I pray that we help you feel that love instantly.

Your bed!  We hope you’ll love the zooming airplanes!
The changing table.  A dresser that used to belong to my grandparents, and a propeller from a WWII target drone.
The “fun” corner!
A very special item made by Pop.
Books we can’t wait to read with you!
A warm comfy bed awaiting your arrival!
The photo wall.  We can’t wait to replace these with pictures that have YOU in them!

Welcome home!

Love – Mama