If you’ve been reading, you know that J and I picked out some model airplanes to assemble, paint, and hang from the ceiling in K’s room.

What you may not know is how long we spent on these crazy things.  “Assembly required” is an understatement.  These little guys were complicated.  And painting them took lots and lots of coats, especially since we had to cover up the excessive amounts of glue it took to put them together.

Mima spotted them in Harbor Freight before we knew whether we were having a boy or a girl.  Being a bit superstitious I decided not to buy them until we knew.  But not long after hearing “it’s a boy”, we started working on these.  Last night, our hard work finally paid off we as hung the little suckers from the ceiling.

The final verdict…totally worth it!  I will say they look a lot cooler in person than they do in these photos.  But nonetheless…here are the long awaited planes!


Getting ready to hang.
Up they go!
(Cords hidden) and a green and yellow guy hanging out in the upper right hand corner!
Can you spot four in this photo?
Our favorite plane!