How far along? 37 weeks and 2 days

How big is baby? Maybe close to seven pounds?

Weight gain? Holding at 29!  .:does small premature victory dance:.

Stretch Marks? Just those same couple of small ones I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks.

Maternity clothes? Outgrowing a few things.  My belly is starting to stick way OUT.  See the pic below.

Sleep? Sigh.  Dear sweet sleep, I remember you old friend.  I did sleep better Monday night, and actually had a little energy on Tuesday.  A pleasant surprise.

Cravings? Still fruit!  In addition to jello salad, a morning clementine (or 2), I’ve recently added Cherry pie and grapes to the routine.   And of course I had an old favorite one night this week…ROOT BEER FLOAT!

Nursery update? Nursery is DONE.  Planes are HUNG!  I am HAPPY!  Check out those links if you missed the posts.

Movement? Yes.  But it’s different.  There will be longer periods of “quiet”, and then his normal crazy active phases.  I spoke with the doctor about this today and he said that is normal.  For one, he is getting larger, and moving around may become more difficult.  For another…he has a more regular and peaceful sleeping pattern starting to form.   But the long quiet periods are not cool, K, not cool.  He’s kicking like crazy as I type this though.  AND…we felt him have the hiccups for the first time Saturday night.  Too cute.

High point? Finally getting those airplanes hung!  A successful 37 week appt!

Low point?  Having a round of Braxton Hicks on Thursday afternoon and in the middle of the night Thursday…while home alone!

What am I looking forward to? Um…having a baby soon? .:Yikes!:.

What do I miss? Having energy.  Not knowing what indigestion felt like.

Doctor Update:  My BP and weight gain, and K’s heart rate were all good.  Today I had my first cervix check.  Visit this link if you don’t know what these mean.
Dilation: 1-2 cm
Effacement: 50%
Station: -2

He said that was great progress for week 37.  In short, my body IS preparing which is a good sign.  He also pointed out that my cervix would be very “induceable”, should K become stubborn and hold out past his due date.

What does all that mean?  Who knows!  K could come tomorrow, or he could hold out until past the due date.  These measurements can change in a hurry, or become stagnant.  In fact, I might have the exact same measurements next week.  But the good news is things are kicking in to motion on their own, and the stage is setting for K’s arrival!

Here’s me at 37 weeks on Monday evening.  I’ll try to remember to wear that shirt for the photo from now on.  That might make it easier to compare and figure out when he’s noticeably lower!  K looks like he’s trying to escape via my belly button!