Well…I had mixed news today at the doc.  My blood pressure was up, but not alarmingly so.  It was still within a tolerable range.  I had also gained three pounds in one week.  Holy Smokes!  He said it was likely water retention, and it may go away as easily as it came.  But I find it frustrating to have my biggest weight gain week to date occur during the period where many level off or even lose.  Grumble.

I also tested positive as a carrier for GBS.  That’s not technically horrible news either. It’s common among 30% of pregos or more according to my doc and online, and it is dealt with with a simple antibiotic during labor.  But I didn’t like hearing that news in addition to the BP and weight gain.  It was a rough first few minutes of the appt!  But at least we know, and can deal with it appropriately.

The better news…
I will begin working from home starting on Monday.
Today I measured 3 cm and 60% effaced.
My next appt is on Wednesday at 11:30. At that appt, he will check me again, then we’ll discuss the potential for scheduling induction.

So the good news there is after tomorrow, I won’t have to worry about going in to labor at work, or while driving.  I am still progressing a little on my own, (despite not having any big Braxton Hicks this week), AND…if I haven’t gone in to labor on my own by next Wed, we will likely schedule an induction for the following few days!  In addition to that shortening the time we have to wait around, it will also make it easier for J to plan at work, and for family to make it in if they so choose.

I’m going to read up more on induction, and its impact on labor, the baby, breastfeeding, etc before Wednesday.  But since I’ll be at least 39.5 weeks along, and likely 4 cm, I would be further along (by both days and dilation) than many who show up at the hospital in labor. And if I’ve thinned even more than 60% by then, it “should” be an easy induce.

Just for giggles, the doctor estimated his weight, and came up with 7.5 pounds.

So it’s safe to say…K will be here in two weeks or less?