What a special birthday!  I spent it at home, relaxing, waiting on a baby.  I actually slept well (hallelujah), woke up to a goodbye kiss from the hubs, and enjoyed some kicks from K to get my morning going.  (I like to think he was doing some sort of birthday song and dance for his mama.)  I accomplished a couple of work to do’s. (That’s right, I’m not totally useless here at home.)

My present from J was …a shopping spree!  I couldn’t come up with anything I needed right now, BUT I’m anxious to do some shopping for new clothes once I lose the pregnancy weight.  So for now I picked some stores for gift cards, and I’m pumped for when I’m ready to use them.  I saved some Christmas gift cards and monies too.  So I’m ready for some serious shopping.  That will be my weight loss reward!

He sent me a text earlier in the day saying he would take care of dinner.  I didn’t know what that meant.  But when he came home, I stayed back in our sitting room and had to just wonder at what all of the noises in the kitchen could possibly mean.  Putting take out on plates doesn’t require that much time.  Frozen pizza isn’t that noisy…what in the world was he doing in there?!?!?

He cooked dinner.  No, seriously, he COOKED dinner.  I don’t mean he picked up Chinese, popped a frozen pizza in the oven, or made waffles (Eggos).  He cooked, like with a recipe and kitchen tools and everything.

He made cheesy potatoes, and Chicken Bundles.  He looked up a couple of recipes during his lunch break, made his grocery list, then came home and made it!  Please note the “bows” on top of the crescent roll chicken bundles… (could he be any cuter?)

Here’s the kicker…it was delicious!  The best meal we’ve had in this household in a while in fact!  I’m a lucky gal!  I told him he might have just cooked himself in to a job!

When things settle down, I’ll post the recipes so you can try them.

In the meantime, I’m going to clean up from breakfast, get a shower, and head to the doctor…gulp.  K’s birthday might be decided today!  I’m hoping that one particular option just makes sense and the choice for when and if we induce is obvious.  Mainly because I don’t want to single handedly choose his birthday.  That just seems wrong.  Wish me luck!