Here is K’s birth story, and a few pics from his first days!  Thanks for your patience…mama is a bit worn out.  😉

J and I enjoyed a quiet Saturday with no inclination that K was going to make his arrival any time soon.

I awoke at 1:23am Sunday when my water broke. J and I packed the last minute items and made it out the door within 15 minutes. I’m not sure how long it took us to drive to the hospital, but let’s just say we made good time.

We were excited to get checked in and confirm my water had broken and I was 90% effaced. But I was still only 3 cm, (which I had been since my appointment nearly two weeks earlier.) We had a couple of awesome nurses who helped us get settled in.  (We were the only active labor or delivery on Sunday…so we got lots of good attention!)

Then reality sunk in…this was IT!

I had contractions for a few hours, all of which were actually pretty tolerable.  But after all of that work, I had only made it to 4 cm.  We knew I was getting an epidural anyway, so it was determined we might as well have him come and get that part over with before I was having stronger contractions, or before the OB recommended Pitocin.  I was SCARED TO DEATH to get the epidural.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew I wanted to get one, but I was nervous about the whole idea.  Turns out – it’s not a pleasant experience, but it was no where near the nightmare I had imagined it might be.  The anesthesiologist was great, and helped calm me down a lot.  J was also a trooper…and watched.  (yikes).

That was completed and I was in bed “for good” by 6:00.  Getting an epidural and starting pitocin caused a bit of a pause in labor, but it quickly resumed.  I started contracting again, and K continued to remain strong and unphased by the whole process.

Nana and Papaw made it up to the hospital by 8:30. By then I was around 5 cm.  I was disappointed that I hadn’t progressed further by then considering I had started at 3 cm.  Our OB stopped by to check in, was pleased with how K and I were doing, then predicted we would be calling him out of church that morning.   I was skeptical, and we still thought Mima and Mipa had a small chance at making it in time for delivery.

The nurses checked me again around 11:00, and lo and behold I had jumped to 10 cm.   WHAT?

We said a quick prayer with Nana and Papaw before they headed for the waiting room.

The doctor arrived by 11:20 and I began pushing.  K made his arrival at 11:44 am!

They handed him to me and I swear he looked right at my eyes immediately!  He was so alert…and at peace!  He cried (as he should) when they were suctioning him off, but as soon as he was cleaned up and handed to me, he just quieted down and took it all in.   He was so brave!  And I was so proud!

K is a healthy, happy baby boy.  And we are happy, proud parents.

Being K’s mama has been an amazing experience already.  We can’t wait to get to know him more each and every day.

I have a few more stories to tell, but this is getting wordy.  So for now, enjoy these pics from his first days!

First Few Minutes with Mama
Daddy holding him for the first time.
Our Awesome Doctor
Proud Papaw and Nana
Snuggling with Mima


Listening to stories from Mipa.
Proud Mima and Mipa
Getting all dressed up for photos!
First Family Photo!