K is one week old today!  While it seems like he was just born…it has also been a long week.  I’m a light sleeper, so being in a hospital meant no rest for me.  Since being home we’ve entertained family for a few days while everyone enjoys meeting the new addition.  But now, our family of three is enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon.  I’ve yet to take a nap since he was born, but I have high hopes for this week!

Some Things I Don’t Want To Forget (TIDWTF) about K’s first week:

  • Looking in to his eyes when he was first born.  He was so alert, so adorable, and I ended up crying more than he did!
  • Waiting 14 hours for him to pee so we could be dismissed from the hospital.
  • Despite a frustrating first couple of days (I’m not a patient person) BFing is going well.  K has made it easy, and I treasure those moments together.
  • His squeaks and squeals.  His sounds are hilarious!
  • He has intervals of sleep as long as 4-5 hours in the night.  His best night was last night, when he got up twice, and needed no checking in on between the two feedings.  He even let his daddy and mama sleep past 10:00 am!
  • The unbelievable emotions I feel for him.  Like the pride of seeing him be so brave at the doctor’s office, and the fear and pain of even thinking about him hurting.  This little fella absolutely has my heart.

Here’s a pic of K at one week.  He’s the one on the left.  😉

One week old
Family photo