K’s one month checkup was today.  As I expected, the doctor said he was doing great!  He has a cold, but is dealing with it better than his mama did.  (Yes, I gave him a cold…I’m a jerk.)

Here are his stats:
10 lb 3 oz (75 percentile)
22.5 inches (90 percentile)
Head (90 percentile)

So he’s a healthy growing boy!

Some of you may know, and some of you may not, but K does have a heart murmur that we are keeping a closer eye on.  He has a follow up appointment regarding that later in April.  But we are praying for and expecting the best.

We’ve also celebrated some firsts this week.

K celebrated his first St Patty’s day:

All partied out

The three of us enjoyed our first dinner out.  Granted it was Mexican, which is so fast it might not count.  But the outing was a success nonetheless!

And thanks to some warmer weather, K and I went for our first stroll around the neighborhood yesterday.  It was good to get out in the sun!  Right K?



“Are we outside yet?”

I guess he can’t see the sun.  But he’ll have to take my word for it.