It’s hard to believe K is almost 6 weeks old.  Unfortunately that also means my maternity leave is ending.  😦

This has been such a special time for me as his mama.  We both grew a lot in many ways!  He went from a flailing, frail, tiny 7.5 lb baby to a cuddly, strong, 10.5 Kman.  His movements have more purpose.  He now enjoys bath time.  He now also gets a little…”opinionated” at times, particularly in the evenings.  His smiles are becoming more frequent, (although nearly impossible to catch on camera).

I grew too.  I’ve learned a few tricks for what makes him happy, or to ease his discomfort.  I can operate one handed if needed.  And I feel less like a “new mom”, and more just like “K’s mom”.

I love everything about him.  Even in his stinky moments, or when he seems to cry for no reason, I love that I can fix it.

Part of me just wants to hit “pause” and linger here a bit longer.  His needs are simple.  His worries are few.

But every day he shows me a new side of his personality, or physically accomplishes something new.  So the other part of me can’t wait to move forward so we can continue to watch him grow and become the man God intends for him to be.

All that said, I’m as ready to go back to work as I’ll ever be.  Thanks to family members, he will be in very capable loving hands for a few more weeks before having to venture in to day care.  And it will be nice to return to a routine, and add some adult conversation to my day.   But I know that every day I’ll be anxious to return to my blue eyed boy.