This week was a special one for our household.  I returned to the working world, and J had an incredibly busy work week and wasn’t around much.  This should have been a hard transition, and I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Luckily…K’s Mima was here to take care of him.  As a result, mama and daddy could rest easy, and K was a happy camper.  As much as I missed being around him, it is comforting to know he adjusted well.

He’s growing and changing so much!  Just this week we said goodbye to some outfits, and hello to larger ones.  He’s more alert and playful all the time.  And smiles are no longer just an elusive surprise.  They are becoming frequent!

We transitioned to daytime bottles and pumping fairly well.  And we started to get a bit of a schedule figured out.  He loves morning play time, and naps and sleeps at night very well.

Here are some pictures from their week together.

Thanks for a great week, Mima!