This calls for celebration!

K officially SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night!

I realize it might be a fluke, and it may not repeat until he’s like, 12.  But for now, we celebrate!

We bathed him at 9:00 (he’s LOVING bath time now by the way), fed him at 9:30, put him to bed around 10:00, and didn’t hear a peep until 4:50!

Since I have to get up around 5:15 anyway in order to nurse and get ready before my long drive to work…this counts!  I used those few extra minutes to eat a banana at the house, and take a longer shower.  😀  Not a glorious use of my extra time, but a nice bonus nonetheless.

A “wordless” pic will be posted later this evening.  We’ll see what photo Nana and I can come up with.  And can you believe that this time next week I’ll be putting up his two month post? Yowser!