This is Daddy’s week at home with K.  Lucky him, he got to start the week off right with a Monday morning doctor appointment.  It was K’s two month check up, so there were shots involved no less!

Both of my boys did great!  K was a happy active boy at the doctor’s office.  Although he HATED the shots, he calmed down as soon as Daddy held him.

K’s measurements were:
13 lb 3 oz (75%)
24 1/4 inches (90%)
Head size (90%)

He’s a  big healthy growing boy!  They were very pleased with his weight gain.  If you consider he bottomed out around 6 lb 10 oz he’s basically doubled in size!   In fact, she was very pleased with K in general!  We were told to “keep it up”, and we’ll see them again in a couple of months.

As for Daddy, he handled the shots better than I would have.  The doctor added that it’s rare for the fathers to come to those appointments, especially alone.  And the fact that he could answer all of her questions made him even more unique!  Go Daddy!

K was a little fussy and very tired the rest of the day.  He wasn’t as hungry either.  BUT…he ate well before bed, slept great, and at our mid-morning feeding, he was a happy boy again, smiling and kicking when I picked him up.  (Just don’t touch his thighs!)