K had his follow up with the heart specialist today. This was our 3rd look at his heart to see how his pulmonary stenosis was doing. The same? Better? Worse? If it had gotten worse, we would have had to attempt a balloon to go in and tear the valve open a bit at some point.  Perhaps “routine” to some…but scary for this mama!

Good news…it’s the same! The doctor feels fairly confident that the likelihood of it worsening at this point is very low.  We will go back in 3 months to look at it again.

K was a CHAMP today! Here’s a pic of our brave boy getting his ultrasound (watching the Baby Einstein DVD very intently!)

Here’s daddy and K talking about what a brave boy he was.

And here’s K showing us how NOT worried about all of this he is.

Thanks to all those who had asked about and prayed for this situation.  We appreciate you!