Ok, I’ve been a little…shall we say…absent.  Sorry about that.

I can explain, I really can!

I’ve been spending every spare minute with this guy!  K and have an extra special three week stint together.  And it’s hard for me to find things that seem more important than soaking up every second with him that I can.  That includes blogging.  It also includes cleaning, laundry, etc.  (whoops).

Anyway, we’re still here and doing great!   K will be THREE MONTHS OLD soon.  So I’ll give you a more complete update then.  But he’s doing great, and growing like a weed!  I keep waiting for a “laugh” to come out any minute.  When he “talks” and smiles and coos…he’s so close!

My current favorite moment is going in to get him out of bed, and listening to him coooo and talk like crazy.  I keep wondering…what is he saying?  And WHO is he talking to?  I’ve tried more than once to capture it on video, but he has this uncanny ability to stop whatever he’s doing when a camera is out.

The photo above is from a mini mother’s day celebration the three of us had.  I got a new, extra special necklace with K’s birthstone.  The biggest present?  A healthy, happy, baby boy!