K is three months (and six days) old!

This has been a busy month!  Here are some facts about three month old K:

  • At his last official measurement he was 13 lb 10.5 oz, and 25 1/4 inches long.  But based on his most recent at home weigh in…I would guess he is up to 14 lb 10 oz!
  • He still eats well, plays hard, and sleeps well.  The bedtime routine starts around 9:00 ish, and he usually sleeps past 4 am.  Last night he slept from 10:30-6:00!
  • He has the most beautiful clear blue eyes.
  • His hair appears to be light brown, and is finally starting to form a patch on top.  Although it is now disappearing in the back.  🙂  Poor bald little fella!
  • I’ve hung on to size one diapers a little too long.  We’re switching to size two.  I’m also in the process of putting away the 0-3 and transitioning to 3-6 month clothes.  Mostly, he’s getting too long for the 0-3 PJ’s.
  • He still loves his swing, bouncy seat, and floor play gym.  He’s getting better at reaching and grasping, and achieved the following things in the past few weeks: removing and replacing the pacifier in his mouth, putting toys to his mouth to chew/(slobber) on, semi holding his own bottle, holding his head up for longer spurts, and cooing/gooing like crazy.
  • He doesn’t “laugh” per say yet, but he does smile out loud.  That make sense if you’ve heard it.  😀
  • He took his first over night trip to KY for Easter.  He then took a LONG trip through 11 states and handled traveling/camping sooo well!!

K’s three month pics were taken while camping near Yosemite National Park.  Here’s the picture with a travel monkey standing in!  (Thanks Aunt Devon!)

And here’s the three month photo shoot!  He continues to play shy around a camera.  Not only am I having a hard time getting his smiles on camera, his cooing/talking has been nearly impossible to catch on video.  Hopefully I’ll have a good video to upload soon!