But not just long in the good way.  Long in the exhausting way as well.

The good news, is the house looks great from the outside.  We weeded, trimmed, mulched, sprayed, and overall spruced up the outdoors.  It looks roughly 1,000 times better than it did before.

More good news, thank goodness we had today off as well.  Shew!

Bad news, K has his first ear infection.  He’s had the sniffles for a few days, but as always, he was still a smiling, happy, active baby.  But then he started a mild fever Friday evening, and Friday night…was a very restless unhappy guy.  Saturday AM we spoke with his doctor’s answering service, and upon further discussion went ahead and took a trip to the ER.  Ear infections!  He remained fussy all day Saturday and all night Saturday night.  It was so pitiful to see him hurting, and unfortunately, I heard a new cry from him.  One I wish I didn’t know…his “I don’t feel good” cry.  Such a stark contrast from his usually happy self.

Back to the good news, he’s on upswing.  His fever has broken, and he seems to be slightly more comfortable.  He drank his first full bottle earlier this afternoon, and as of now, is resting peacefully in his own bed again.  (To be determined if he’ll spend the night there…)  He’s even slipped a few smiles in today.

More good news, we are thankful to have had no damage to the house despite multiple instances of damage nearby us.  We got power back on Friday evening, and have had it ever since.  And despite losing roughly $300 worth of food, and even a few ruined bags of breastmilk, (screams in frustration!) and despite some damage to the airplane…it’s hard to complain when you see articles about the poor people of Joplin.  We are very fortunate, and our prayers for them continue.

And on that note, I’m going to take advantage of a functioning air conditioner and a sleeping baby, and get some much needed shut eye.