K is four months old today!

Here are some facts about four month old K:

  • At his four month appointment today, he weighed in at 16 lb 2 oz, and was 26 inches long.  In terms of percentiles, he is 75% in weight, 90% in length and 97% in head size.  So he’s long and lean with quite a melon!
  • He sleeps through the night … (as in past 5:00 am) most of the time.  Randomly we’ll have a night when he gets up once or twice.
  • He giggles now, particularly when we swing him in our arms or make silly faces.
  • Hair watch:  still waiting…  😀
  • He’s in size two diapers, and 3-6 month clothing.  Although, as soon as we switched to 3-6 month clothing, I discovered a few pairs of footed PJs that he is already getting too long for!
  • He is a talker!  On the drive home, he and I usually mimic each other.  He’s discovered a squeal and likes to use it often.
  • His hands are getting stronger.  When I go to pick him up he usually grabs on to something and doesn’t let go. (Dangling toys, little blankets etc).  And unfortunately, he’d discovered the art of pulling hair!  He’s got quite a grip!
  • We’re still waiting for him to roll over.  He plays on his side a lot, but doesn’t reach that “tipping” point.
  • He thinks it is hilarious when J holds him off of the ground in a crawling position.  We’re pretty sure he thinks he is accomplishing that himself.  😀
  • Favorite toys are still anything dangling from his floor gym, but he also loves his glow worm.
  • He started day care and is adjusting well.
  • Bath time has become splash time.
  • He went for his first “swim” and it was a success…although he seems to prefer his bath tub!

Here’s the little guy at four months…finally discovering there’s someone else in his photo!

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 And here is his four month photo shoot!