K is a big growing boy, and has demonstrated a big and growing appetite.  In addition to needing a little supplemental formula to get through the day, he seems to keep wanting…MORE.  He’s also demonstrated a readiness to try new foods, by both eyeing up and reaching for ours, as well as having pretty good control of his mouth and tongue.  So with our doctor’s blessing, we decided to let him have a little taste of cereal and see how it went.

His first feeding was when Nana and Papaw were up to visit.  K did GREAT!   It was just a tiny bit to practice using a spoon and see how he would react to the flavor.

He loved it, and didn’t waste a drop!

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We now do a small serving of cereal most evenings.   And he continues to do great.  Although…now that he knows how to blow raspberries…it has gotten a bit messier…
And sometimes he prefers to play with his feet.  (You try feeding cereal to *that* without making a mess.)

But cereal, feet and all…who wouldn’t love this face?